Blank Walls Are Criminal(American Gose)

Our spin on a classic german style, we’re calling this one an American Gose. Inspired by the Leipzig classic, this version is fermented with our house Belgian yeast and spiced with mined salt, coriander and Szechuan peppercorns. Brightly tart without being puckeringly sour, this is the ultimate refresher for a warm day or chill happy-hour.

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Malts:Pilsner, wheat, honey
Hops:Not much!
Other:Mined Salt, Coriander, Szechuan Peppercorns

Cupcake Vanilla Blonde(Blonde Ale)

A special celebration for brewer Sam’s birthday! This quaffable beer isn’t just for dessert- it’s light enough to enjoy pint after pint with your birthday meal, or with something cakey and frosted! A warm biscuity note adds a real cake flavor to this vanilla blonde. A great reason to celebrate anytime!

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Other:Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans


Now this is one you might not have heard of. A mostly-extinct style, grisette is something like a table saison. Originally brewed for miners in the Hainaut province of Belgium, this is the ultimate light beer. Super low-gravity combined with playful noble hops make this beer one amazing complex for such a light flavor. The ultimate in craft session beers.

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Malts:Pilsner, Wheat
Hops:EKG, Saaz

Incredulous(English Pale Ale)

Silver Medalist at the San Diego International Beer Competition! Traditional British style beer: rich caramel and toffee malts, and actually not bitter at all! At such a low ABV, you won’t feel guilty for a having a pint, or three!

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Malts:Caramel, Toffee
Hops:East Kent Goldings

Obligatory IPA(American IPA)

Of course we have an IPA! This one is well-balanced and easy-drinking. It uses some Mosaic and Chinook hops, so your palate can enjoy some juicy citrus flavors.

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Malts:2-row, Maris Otter, Crystal
Hops:Bravo, Chinook, Mosaic

One Twenty Three(Cream Ale)

Half ale, half lager, this is a perfect hot-day sipper — or an anytime sipper, really. A bright, crisp, lager-like ale, this American-style Cream Ale is easy drinking and super refreshing. A perfect pizza beer, the pairing of Mt. Hood and Crystal hops give this easy drinker a real character all its own.

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Hops:Mt. Hood, Crystal

Punch Face!(hazy IPA)

This juice bomb started life as a collaboration between Head Brewer Sam Dufau and Intergalactic’s Alex Van Horne for Intergalactic’s “4 beers for 4 years” Anniversary series. The beer was so popular, it was the first one to run out, so our good friends at Intergalactic decided to let us brew it at 2kids! It’s got all the creamy mouthfeel and juicy looks of your favorite New England style IPAs, with an absolute punch in the face of citrusy, tropical west-coast hops. This beer is so good you’d take a shot in the mouth just to have another!

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Malts:2-row, wheat
Hops:Citra, Mosaic, Columbus

Say What?(Rye Beer)

Saison is a traditional summer farmhouse ale, and we’re not messing with a classic! It’s a flavorful but light-bodied Belgian-like beer that’s light, refreshing, and pleasantly spicy. We use a healthy dose of rye malt and a big peppery belgian yeast to get that character rather than adding spices, making this one very drinkable beer!

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Malts:Rye, crystal, Munich
Hops:Mt. Hood

Tribute(Blonde Stout)

This blonde-colored sweet stout is a real mind-blower. Tribute takes its roasty flavors from a special blend of Bird Rock Coffee roasted especially for this beer! Marvel and the amazing combination of malty sweetness and warm toasted cocoa flavors.

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Malts:2-row, biscuit, carapils
Hops:Not much
Other:Lactose, Sumatran Peaberry Coffee

Violet Beauregard(Blueberry Wheat)

Back by popular demand! This light and fruity blueberry wheat gets interesting with a lingering flavor of lavender that adds a nice complexity to an otherwise fun-loving summer beer! Made with whole organic blueberries and fresh lavender, you’ll be coming back for another when the sun starts to beat down.

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Malts:Pilsner, wheat, honey
Hops:Not much!
Other:Blueberries, lavender
Availability:Summertime Only!