Competitions are heating up!

Jun 1st, 2012

Wow- haven’t posted in a month.  That doesn’t mean nothing’s been going on with the brewery, it just means we’ve been super busy and neglecting our loyal followers!  Let’s see, in the last month we’ve…

  • Met with extraordinary businessman and personal friend Mark Van Mourick (of Optivest) to get advice on financing and running the business.  Went extremely well, and we’re very encouraged.  Thanks Mark!
  • Celebrated our second wedding anniversary (Thanks Sam!  I love you!)
  • Completed the business plan if we want to shop it around to banks/investors (it’s still a living thing- financials are always getting more complicated
  • Attended the California Craft Brewer’s Association meeting at the amazing Golden Road Brewing in LA where we talked with other brewers, got a ton of fantastic advice, learned about some very nuanced legalities of the brewing business, and enjoyed a ton of delicious beer.  Golden Road were fantastic hosts, and their brewery really is exciting.  If you’re ever in the area, be sure to stop by their super-cool tasting room and grab a pint or three.
  • Received our first score sheets from the 2012 Mayfaire Competition- many thanks to the Maltose Falcons for putting it on and thanks to the judges for their great feedback.

Here are some highlights from the score sheets:

Sam, a California Common Beer

  • “Bready, toasted crust”  “copper and clean with a nice head”  “Bright caramel, very refreshing”  “Showcases good brewing technique”

Sam, a California Common Beer will be a core beer at Two Kids- we’ll take the judges critiques and our own palates and set to work tuning it up for a show-stopping beer.  It may not end up “to-style” but it is a damn tasty beer already.  One of our favorites.

Christmas Presence (entered as a Belgian Strong Dark Ale)

  • “Warming, rich, smooth” “malt forward, but light nose- nice fruity notes”
  • “Cinnamon, roast, chocolate raisins!” “Wish we had a Belgian Stout category”
  • “If this were a Belgian Stout, I’d be giving you a medal and fighting for more! In a stout category this is a 40+”

Apparently we invented a new style.  Maybe you’ll see this beer seasonally as a Belgian Stout.  Awesome!

ChrisNick American Brown Ale

  • “A nicely executed brew!” “Dark brown with gorgeous, tan creamy head- Good retention, lacing”
  • “No citrus” “Lack of american citrus hop flavor” “No citrus” “No obvious citrus” “Citrus too low”

You learn something new every day- apparently an American Brown ale is supposed to be citrusy.  Never noticed that.  Weird.

ChrisNick American Strong ale (hmmmm…)

  • “Tastes Damn good! Great hop flavor, nice clean, dry finish”
  • “Medium bodied with ample carb for style, very smooth and creamy.  A pleasure to drink”
  • “I’m torn!  This is a mighty fine beer, but may not really hit the style…  Would Kick Ass in the American Brown category (?) Nice job! I’d buy many pints of this beer!”

Those were all from one judge.  We like this guy.

  • “Enter this as an Imperial Brown and win!” Another judge actually mentioned calling this beer an imperial brown, which is a really great description.  It’s actually too strong (OG wise) for American Brown, and apparently not citrusy enough.  Interesting…
  • “Toasty, Nutty malt character with very subtle roastiness. Citrusy hop character shows in mid-palate and lasts into finish” Tell that to the American Brown judges!
  • Great as a strong/imperial brown” Now you tell us…

We’ll keep you all updated as we continue to get results from this years competitions!  Cheers!