Apr 9th, 2012

So, is totally a thing now. Along with (nothing there yet!) @twokidsbrewing, and That’s a lot of social networking to keep up with, but I think we can do it.

Anyway, onto the introductions- I’m Rob, a full-time scientist (for now) and an offhours homebrewer. Since graduating with a BS in molecular biology, I’ve been bouncing around between academic and private industry jobs, doing science sometimes, managing labs, and working in technical sales where I am today. I’ve always wanted to brew beer, and the homebrewing bug bit me harder than I think anybody expected. In my house, it’s a rare day when we haven’t got two fermentors going of one thing or another.

Supporting (enabling) my habit is co-head-brewer Sam. My lovely, dedicated wife of two years, Sam has put up with the messes, clutter, and general chaos that goes hand in hand with brewing beer in a 580 square foot apartment. She’s also been constantly at my side helping craft all of our best beers. Sam’s an Architect by training, but graduating in the midst of the housing crash and worst recession in memory has forced her to take some pretty lame jobs to stay busy.

The more we kept doing what we were doing, though, the clearer it became that the only way we were going to be happy at work was if we were working together, using our hands to make something we were proud of to share with our friends, family, and community. That something was always going to be beer, and the Two Kids Brewing Company will be our way of sharing it.

We’ve got a lot to do in the coming months, but nothing that hasn’t been done before. There’s so much information out there from other brewers and support from our friends and family, we can’t wait to share the whole adventure.