Kickstarter Launch Party

Nov 12th, 2012

Holy cow it’s been a while since we posted to this blog. Things have been absolutely CRAZY in the last few months though and we’ll be updating much more regularly from here on out.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on:

  • We won our first award in competition (for that chocolate stout!)
  • We decided to stop entering competitions (quit while you’re ahead?- the feedback was outstanding and we needed to focus on getting the brewery open)
  • We finished the real business plan (whew!)
  • We got the website to a more workable state (thanks Reign!)
  • The Kickstarter video was shot, edited and generally made amazing by Mariah and Dave at Amari Productions (you can see it here!)
  • We brewed almost 75 gallons of beer for gifts and to prepare for our Kickstarter launch party!
  • Sam finished, fined, kegged, and carbonated most of that beer while Rob was away for work.
  • Rob talked techy about beer with Corey Degraw (an old friend and brewer formerly of Magnolia Gastropub and Social Kitchen and Brewery – hopefully more from him soon)
  • We actually HAD our Launch Party and launched our GO SEE IT HERE!!!!!!!

Anyway, thank you to all who attended the launch party, especially those of you who brought friends. It was wonderful to see all the support and we can’t wait to be selling you beer for money rather than handing out in parks! Please tell everyone you know about our kickstarter project and pledge whatever you can to help make this dream a reality.

Once again: (case-sensitive)