Logos, v0.0.1

Apr 10th, 2012

We spent our evening last night brainstorming, googling, and photoshopping together our first draft of the logos. We wanted to convey the feeling we have of really stepping out into the unknown, doing something we’ve never done before, and taking that risk.   Hopefully we’ve done that well.

There were a few iterations of this, with text in different places (top, bottom, inside door etc etc) and a pretty cool one with shoe prints instead of footprints.  That ended up looking a little more Mafia/Dick Tracy detective than we wanted, though, so we nixed it.

Let us know what you think about it: how’s the aspect of the door? Do you like the font? Should the text be somewhere else?  Do the footprints look funky to you?  Any feedback you have will help us.



and, without the text, for things like smaller images and items, or maybe glasses and shirts.  Who knows!


I personally love the stark graphic-ness of the logo, and wouldn’t that look awesome just done with white paint only on a dark glass bottle, with the black negative space just being glass and beer?  I think so.