Market research. Yea, that’s it, market research…

Apr 18th, 2012

So I went a little overboard with my last post and crammed both batches into one post.  Oh well, all that means is that this one won’t have any pictures.  On Sunday after our crazy brew day, Chris came down and we headed out into the world to taste some of San Diego’s finest beers.  Unfortunately none of the local nanos were open, so we headed off to our usual favorite tasting rooms.

We started at Green Flash, which is just a stone’s throw from our house, and on my way to work.  It’s torturous biking past the place when they’re brewing at 8:30AM- I just want to stop by and have a pint, and drink in that amazing smell.  Luckily, the tasting room is closed when I go by there in the morning.

We had a couple of tasters including the almost impossibly good West Coast IPA, an awesome Tripel, one of my favorite Saisons of all time, and my on-again off-again favorite-beer-ever Rayon Vert.  For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be within Green Flash’s distribution range, Rayon Vert (french for green flash) is their newest bottle, and it is the world’s FUNKIEST brett beer.  I can’t get enough- I wanted to have a whole glass, but we were tasting so I refrained.

Then it was off to the newly redesigned tasting room at Alesmith.  I’m more than a little ashamed to admit that I haven’t been since it reopened.  In fact, I’ve never been at all.  It’s a great little space that sits in between their brewery space and storage.  You can actually look back past the cold room and see the packaging area.  I made it a point to taste the Horny Devil and ‘lil Devil back to back, which I had never had the pleasure of doing before.   It’s fun to taste the resemblance between the two beers.  I also made sure that Chris (who had never had an Alesmith beer before) try the Anvil ESB and Alesmith IPA, the two beers which continually duke it out for my Favorite Beer of All Time (F-BOAT).

After a short break it was finally time for dinner.  Off to the Blind Lady Alehouse!  One of our favorite beer bars in the county, we had been foiled there the last time we tried to show it off to Chris, as they were OUT OF PIZZA.  OK, so it wasn’t their fault, it was their anniversary and I don’t think anybody could make enough pizza to satisfy everyone who loves the Blind Lady stopping in all on one day, but we still needed to have some of that sweet sweet artisan pizza love.

Luckily, this time we walked right in and ordered our food and beers.  Once seated, Sam enjoyed an honest pint of Hangar 24’s outstanding Orange wheat, I had an Exlporer ESB, and Chris enjoyed a great Marzen.  We split a couple of pizzas and the best belgian frites you can buy, and amazingly had no leftovers (ok, maybe that’s not very amazing, but just pretend like we’re thin, ok?).  A good time was had by all, and we collected invaluable reconnaissance on the state of the craft beer industry.  If you’re not working, you’d better be preparing to work, right?