So much to do…

Apr 11th, 2012

Man do we ever have a lot of work ahead of us.  We’re just working on the small stuff now and already it seems like a second full time job.  We went to go apply for a Fictitious Business Name the other day and found out we need to have a business address before we can do that. We’ll need the FBN (aka DBA- doing business as) before we can get our business license, too, and we’ll need all of that stuff to get a business bank account and credit card.  All of the regulatory junk like the CA Alcoholic Beverage Conrol (ABC or CA ABC) and the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) will come much later, but we’ll still have to have a location (among a million other things).

Finding a location has now become a much bigger priority.  That said, rent will definitely be our first big expense so we’re going to need to kick the fundraising into high gear pretty soon (that is to say, start doing it).  The goal is eventually to get a kickstarter going so people can contribute more directly, but before that we need to greatly increase our exposure to the beer drinking public.  We’re sitting on only 11 twitter followers and under 30 “likes” on our Facebook page.  That’s not bad after two days, but obviously we need to up those numbers.  What do you think would help?

Location is an important consideration.  While we expect some people will seek us out, it still needs to be easy to find, and visible from a street if at all possible.  Cost is also a huge concern.  While we know the zoning requirements associated with running a nanobrewery, there are already a number of nanobreweries in the Mira Mesa/Miramar area (to say nothing of the bigger, more popular breweries like the fabulous Green Flash and Alesmith, among many many others).  Any advice in this area is greatly appreciated, as we’re total noobs at this stuff.

Other things on our to-do list include getting a working website up and running.  Our friend Kyle has graciously donated some server space to host the site and our emails, so hopefully soon you’ll be able to email Rob or Sam at  If you know a web designer who’d like to do some pro-bono work for for free beer to help flesh out a portfolio, we’d love to hear about them.

We intend to take advantage of every bit of free help we can get, so if you know of anybody or anything that could help us out, our ears are open.  Keep your eye out for free stuff- we’ll be needing everything from fridges and freezers in the coming months to beer accessories (taps and lines, equipment), a delivery truck, and even lumber and construction materials for things like a bar and other brewery buildout stuff.  All the little stuff associated with running a business from brooms to copy paper cost money, which will always be tight at a new nanobrewery like Two Kids.

Every little bit helps- we’d love to get into some local events and shake hands, so if you know of anything where we could set up a table and introduce ourselves, even if beer isn’t involved, let us know if you’re involved or organize anything like that.  Don’t underestimate the value of anything you see for free, we probably want it!