2can Sam(hazy IPA)

A double-dry hopped collab with Sam Olsen of Fourpenny House and the Pink Boots Society. Made with the Pink Boots Blend of hops, we’ve added Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy so this beer is bursting with tropical fruit, mint candy, and bright orange zest flavors. Super juicy and so aromatic it won’t be hard to follow your nose to this killer IPA!

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Malts:Pils, wheat, rye, oats
Hops:Pink Boots Blend, Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy
Yeast:London Fog

Brainstorm(Brown Ale)

For our 4th Anniversary Event, we teamed up with the National Brain Tumor Society to create this excellent Brown. We’ve ramped up the flavors bigtime for this year’s version. All proceeds go to the NBTS and that’s not the only reason you’ll want another pint. Smooth and easy drinking, this beer has notes of toffee and graham crackers, with a chocolate finish that leaves you wanting more.

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Malts:2-row, Chocolate, caramel
Hops:Columbus, Chinook
Availability:Until it runs out!

Cupcake Vanilla Blonde(Blonde Ale)

A special celebration for brewer Sam’s birthday! This quaffable beer isn’t just for dessert- it’s light enough to enjoy pint after pint with your birthday meal, or with something cakey and frosted! A warm biscuity note adds a real cake flavor to this vanilla blonde. A great reason to celebrate anytime, and currently available on Nitro for an extra-creamy treat, while supplies last!

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Other:Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Five-Finger Discount(Munich Helles)

Our take on a classic Munich Helles, this is the bad-boy of our beer board. Super crisp and clean, this big malty lager is all business with tons of Pilsner Malt goodness. Just don’t try to steal any while the bartender’s got their back turned.

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Malts:Pilsner, Vienna, Munich

Miramar Lite(Light / Lite Lager)

We believe that Craft Beer is a philosophy and way of life rather than a style or recipe. This American Adjunct Lager is the ultimate in crushable craft, whether you’re mowing the lawn, watching the game, or just looking for a beer that goes well with ballpark nachos. We use premium 2-row malt and flaked maize for a super-light-bodied lager that you can drink all day.

Malts:2-row, Flaked Maize
Yeast:German Lager

Obligatory IPA(American IPA)

Of course we have an IPA! This one is well-balanced and easy-drinking. It uses some Mosaic and Chinook hops, so your palate can enjoy some juicy citrus flavors.

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Malts:2-row, Maris Otter, Crystal
Hops:Bravo, Chinook, Mosaic

Poppycock ESB(Extra Special Bitter)

Winner of Best-In-Class at the LA International Beer Competition! The big brother of our British Bitters-bold and malty, this bright amber ale is balanced with a heap of Northdown and East Kent Goldings Hops! It’s ruddy good!

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Malts:Maris Otter, Crystal
Hops:East Kent Goldings, Northdown

Serious Business(American Strong Ale)

This is one hell of a beer- living in the odd space that’s hoppier than an IPA, maltier than a Double IPA, and drier than a barleywine, this American Strong Ale boasts huge floral and citrus notes along with a strong caramel malt backbone. It’s a heavy hitter that ticks all of our flavor boxes!

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Malts:2-row, Maris Otter, Crystal
Hops:Sabro, Glacier, Mosaic, Citra
Yeast:Cali Ale

The Cake is a Lie- an Intergalactic Beer(Coffee Cream Ale)

The Cake is ALIVE! We’ve brought this fan favorite back from the dead. If you liked this coffee cream ale during its heyday at Intergalactic Brewing Co, well, this is exactly the same beer! We’re keeping Intergalactic alive in San Diego, brewing their super cool beers at 2kids!

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Malts:2-row, Crystal
Yeast:Cali Ale

Winning!(Chocolate Stout)

Our award winning sweet stout! Lots of chocolate flavor without the chocolate bitterness. Try it with ice cream!

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